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Coat of Arms

Brief Data
  • Name:
  • Area:
  • Capital:
  • Currency:
  • Population:
  • National Day:
  • Makedonija
  • 25,333 km2
  • Skopje
  • Denar MKD
  • 2,061,315
  • 2 August

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Exploring Macedonia

Other Facts:
  • Coordinates:
  • Lowest Pt.:
  • Highest Pt.:
  • Median Age:
  • Ethnicity:
  • and
  • 41 50 N, 22 00 E
  • Vardar River 50m
  • Golem 2,764m
  • 34.8 years
  • Macedonian 64.2%
  • Albanian 25.2%

After the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, Macedonia's name and history became the object of a dispute between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. From 1992 to 1995, the two countries also engaged in a dispute over the Republic's first flag, which incorporated the Vergina Sun symbol, a symbol associated with the ancient Kingdom of Macedon. Its adoption by the Republic, on 3 July 1992, was seen as a reaction by Skopje to Athens' pressure to change the name. This aspect of the dispute was resolved when the flag was changed under the terms of an interim accord agreed between the two states in 1995.


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