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Brief Data
  • Name:
  • Area:
  • Capital:
  • Currency:
  • Population:
  • National Day:
  • Hrvatska
  • 56,542 km2
  • Zagreb
  • Kuna HRK
  • 4,491,543
  • 25 June

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Other Facts:
  • Coordinates:
  • Lowest Pt.:
  • Highest Pt.:
  • Median Age:
  • Ethnicity:
  • and
  • 45 10 N, 15 30 E
  • Adriatic Sea 0m
  • Dinara 1,830m
  • 40.8 years
  • Croat 89.6%
  • Serb 4.5%

Croatia is a land of open frontiers and clear-cut Customs formalities. It is also a country of concord, and one that is respectful towards its guests. The Croats strive to make “Our Beautiful Homeland” equally beautiful to all who visit it, ensuring that they take with them the finest souvenirs of their stay, beautiful memories, when they leave.


The name Zagreb appears to have been recorded in 1094, although the origins of the name Zagreb are less clear. The Croatian word "zagrabiti" translates approximately to "scoop", which forms the basis of some legends. One Croat legend says that a Croat ban (viceroy) was leading his thirsty soldiers across a deserted region. He drove his sabre into the ground in frustration and water poured out so he ordered his soldiers to dig for water.