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Brief Data
  • Name:
  • Area:
  • Capital:
  • Currency:
  • Population:
  • National Day:
  • E. U. Mexicanos
  • 1,972,550 km2
  • Mexico City
  • Peso (MXN)
  • 107,449,525
  • 16 September

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Other Facts:
  • Coordinates:
  • Lowest Pt.:
  • Highest Pt.:
  • Median Age:
  • Ethnicity:
  • and
  • 23 00 N, 102 00 W
  • Laguna Salada -10m
  • Pico Orizaba 5,700m
  • 25.3 years
  • Mestizo 60%
  • Amerindian 30%

Covering almost 2 million square kilometres, Mexico is the fifth-largest country in the Americas by total area and the 14th largest independent nation in the world. With an estimated population of 109 million, it is the 11th most populous country and the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world.


Cancun is a coastal city in Mexico's easternmost state, Quintana Roo. It is a world renowned tourist resort with modern beachfront hotels surrounded by Isla Mujeres ("Women Island"), the Caribbean Sea, and the Nichupte and Bojorquez lagoons. The mainland downtown commercial section (Cancun City), connected to the island by two bridges, has broad avenues lined with shops, restaurants, and hotels.


Chich'en Itza was a major regional center in the northern Maya lowlands from the Late Classic through the Terminal Classic and into the early portion of the Early Postclassic period.

The site exhibits a multitude of architectural styles, what is called Mexicanized and reminiscent of styles seen in central Mexico to the Puuc style found among the Puuc Maya of the northern lowlands.

Tulum / Xel-Ha

Tulum (sometimes called Tuluum) is the site of a Pre-Columbian Maya walled city serving as a major port for Coba. The ruins are located on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. One of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites, it is today a popular site for tourists.