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Project background

This project started two years ago, when I decided to create the most visually compelling online encyclopedia.

While looking around for details about certain countries I planned to visit, I quickly realized that most websites only offer information in the form of large blocks of text, occasionally peppered with ads and other non-related or distracting visual elements. Other sites required payment up front for these country reports, while travel sites were geared towards selling their services.

So, I set the intention to create a free of charge, very concise ads-free website that will summarize all the vital information on one page for each country and territory in the world. In addition to that, I will write one or two stories about that country from my personal experiences.

As a whole, the encyclopedia is meant to be an objective source of accurate information blended with positive stories that emphasize the uniqueness of each place.

Present state:

As previously mentioned, this project has been in development for almost 2 years: gathering photos and information, drawing maps in Illustrator, creating collages and interactive infographics, coding each page, writing blurbs about countries and cities, but most of all - traveling around the world to collect those experiences.

Currently, I have one page created for each country and territory. Some have all the information (photos, maps, coat of arms, data, blurbs) whereas others have most of it except for the main image and the summary. It takes 2-3 days worth of work to set up each page and that does not include writing the stories. Most of the descriptions are either copied from Wikipedia or use placeholder text for the time being.

Future plans:

In order to finish this project, I am planning on taking 18 months off work and travel to as many countries as possible, collecting stories, taking photos and interacting with the local communities.

My contribution so far:

Aside from working for 2 years on this project, I have also spent over $30,000 of my own money traveling to countries in Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe in order to collect information (photos, stories, experiences).


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Send your material by emailing us at or click the Contact Us button found at the top right corner of each page. Check the website regularly to see your content and read the reviews or admire the photos of other travelers like yourself. Thank you.

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